Montessori at KPS

In Term 4, 2016 Kāpiti Primary School opened a Montessori classroom. This was the first Montessori primary classroom on the Kāpiti Coast, and remains the only one. There are now two classrooms operating, a Year 1-4 class called Te Ra, and a Year 5-8 class called Te Marama. The classes operate within a collaborative space, Ranginui. The programme weaves the New Zealand Curriculum with the Montessori philosophy and curriculum.


The Montessori approach fans the innate passion for learning through collaborative, self-paced, hands-on, challenging and joyful learning opportunities. It also strongly promotes and supports students to be independent, responsible, to have self-discipline, to take initiative, and develop a love of lifelong learning. 

If this approach and environment appeals to you as a parent and you would like to know more, please feel free to contact the school.


The Montessori approach supports children to harness and encourage their inner desire for natural curiosity to learn and develop. The Montessori philosophy believes that children do not need to be forced to learn as children are naturally interested and are innate learners.


If you look at a child prior to school, they have learnt many complex tasks such as walking, talking, singing, swimming, counting and reading.

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