About Our School

Kāpiti Primary School is situated in the heart of the Kāpiti Coast community which allows us to experience a range of learning opportunities. Our primary school caters for New Entrants up to
Year 8 and consists of an administration block, 9 classrooms, and a hall. The school also has a large playing field, netball courts, playground areas and plenty of space for the children to play,
explore and learn.

We hold high expectations for student achievement and promote developing and extending their talents through a variety of experiences. Alongside this, we aim to ensure that each child leaves
our school as a well-rounded person with a strong sense of self-belief.

Kāpiti Primary School values the diverse ethnicities of our students which allows us to provide a rich and dynamic background for learning. All of our students are valued and supported to make
positive choices and to take responsibility for their decisions.


Our Guiding Beliefs


Through building personal relationships with each of our children, we understand what they need to make them into well-rounded learners for life. With our special connections to the wider community and the involvement of our school staff, parents and children, our school family is laying down the foundations for a generation of high achievers. Kāpiti Primary is a community of teachers and students learning from each other to collaboratively nurture and grow as people on their lifelong journey.

Our Vision/Promise

The school promise represents what we all strive to be:


Kāpiti Primary is a PB4L school

Positive Behaviour for Learning is the foundation which provides a supportive climate for personal, social and academic growth for our students and staff. Read more about how we approach PB4L here.

Shared Responsibilities

We welcome and encourage whānau involvement in all areas of school life from sharing our children's educational successes and challenges, to ensuring a true partnership between home and school. Research shows that when parents and caregivers take an active and supportive interest in the school, children develop positive attitudes to learning.

Our Curriculum

Our school follows the New Zealand Curriculum by teaching English, Mathematics and Statistics plus Health and Physical Education as individual subjects. Science, Technology, Social Science, and The Arts are integrated through an inquiry approach with units of work planned school wide. The inquiry approach brings the curriculum areas above under the umbrella of a big topic. This allows them to investigate, process, organise, improve and extend their knowledge in areas of personal interest arising from the topic. Classes use the community and beyond for trips to support their learning.

Multilevel Structure

The school is structured into two strands; the Original strand, and a Montessori strand. Within the Original Junior strand, we have a new entrant classroom in which five-year-old students begin and establish a solid understanding of basic numeracy and literacy. These students remain in this class until the teacher, in consultation with the parent, believes they are ready to transition to one of our three multilevel junior rooms. The multilevel junior rooms in the Original strand consist of Years 1 - 4. In the senior school the classes consist of Years 5 - 8.

In the Montessori strand, there are two classes; a junior class for children aged 5 years up to Year 4, and a senior class for children from Year 4 to Year 8.

Kāpiti Primary believes the benefits of multilevel classes can help improve academic and social outcomes for students. Some of these benefits are enhanced self-confidence, stronger peer relationships across the school, positive behaviour, greater responsibility for owning and sharing learning, as well as continuous and uninterrupted learning. If you have any questions about this approach, please feel free to contact the Principal.